Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some Reasons

From my journal, some answers to the question "Why did we go?"

My family and I went to Africa to challenge our own fears, to act on our faith that everything would turn out fine (or at least take that leap of faith).

We went so we could chip away at our own ignorance of a whole continent and large country.

We went so we could see how Kenyans really live and worship and work in their world -- contrary to U.S. media portrayals.

We were also motivated by the idea of helping establish peace teaching in Africa. We are both motivated by the Peace Testimony and all of the spirituality behind it.

We went so that we could immerse ourselves in evangelical Christianity and try to become immune to our allergy against some born-again language, which to us can still wound with the hatred spouted by some televangelists and many Christian fundamentalists.

We went to teach our daughters how most of the world lives.

We went to have the adventure of a lifetime.

We went in part to make friends and spread good will, be exemplary humans and true Christians, rather than presumptuous Americans.

We went to serve and learn.

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