Thursday, July 5, 2007

No email out

Quick update -- all the email I'm composing from here is being rejected by the destination addresses (we look like spammers from here). We can read your emails -- Thanks! -- but not often send you any. Please tell Friends, friends, and family to stay tuned to this blog site for updates, and that we are enjoying your support.


Patricia McMillen said...

HI Dawn - glad to find your blog and interesting comments from the beginning of the journey. I hope all continues to go well and look forward to hearing the rest of the adventures when you are back Stateside. Affectionately, Patricia McMillen

tom said...

Dear Amoses,
I for one am reading every word. Thanks for the update! Please remember that your girls also have great dramatic and theatric skills which were honed in our very own meeting- they if anyone will appreciate a good drama/role play. In fact we are thinking about a drama upon your return- I have a play made for large male leads and a bunch of grown college-age boys sitting around on their hands. Don't worry we'll wait for our stars, the Amos girls. Not to mention cameraman & coproducer!

the Fourth of July was one big thunder-boomer- by the time they did fireworks there were huge puddles everywhere- you didn't miss a thing. Now it's so.-Illinois hot.

Cher said...

Hi Dawn and Family,
Your blog is extremely interesting and I enjoyed reading it.
Hope all is well with you and the family.
Thinking of you often.
Stay safe.